The Photographer’s Auction

It’s been awhile since our last post, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!!!  It’s been a whirlwind of activity in fact, so there will be many upcoming updates to watch for!!

Back in May we had our first “Photographer’s Auction” in which talented photographers from all over the nation donated their time and talents to help The Big Picture Project raise funds for Project 1: Nicaragua.  This being our first fundraising event, we had no idea what to expect but what happened left us stunned, amazed, and overjoyed!

The concept of The Big Picture Project is especially relevant to photographers.  No one understands the importance of photos more than the people who capture them for a living.  The fact that we had to actually turn photographers down for the auction shows how much the industry rallies behind a concept that gives back to our purpose.

44 photographers – 48 auctions – one week – and over TWELVE THOUSAND dollars raised later – we would have to call this entire project a success!!!  We are looking forward to handing over our check to our first partner for Project 1 – Project HOPE.  Because of this auction we were able to hit our goal, and the lives of a village in Nicaragua will be forever changed – forever better – because of people who opened their hearts to a cause.  If you feel like there isn’t any hope left in this world, look here.  At these talented faces, at the people who bid on their services, and at the faces of those that this money will go to help.  Because there is so much hope right there.
We are forever grateful to these 44 individuals, and those who came out and bid and supported!!  Next year is going to be even more intense, so be sure to keep an eye out!!!