Sponsor A Camera


Many individuals living in developing nations are not fortunate to have learned to read or write.  Their story is important on a global level, yet they have no true way to share it.  Giving these people the opportunities that are available with photography allows them to transcend literacy.  Our Sponsor A Camera program provides a connection that transcends proximity, language, and time.

By Sponsoring A Camera, you will follow a camera on it’s journey into the hands of an individual living in an impoverished community who has been chosen to participate in the project.  You will receive a comprehensive, behind the scenes look into their life – who they are, how they live, what day to day life is like in their world.  You will get the chance to know this person that ordinarily you would never get the opportunity to meet.  You will be making a difference in their life and impacting positive change for them and their community – but the biggest change will happen within you!!  When you allow a human being who needs help into your heart you’ll be receiving more than you give.

What others are saying…

“When we first signed up for a chance to participate in the Big Picture Project, we were hoping that we might provide someone an opportunity and experience that they might not otherwise have.  We were hoping our children would see first hand how lucky they are compared to the poverty that exists worldwide.  And deep down inside (given how lofty the goal), we were hoping we would truly affect change in the lives of these people (even just one!).
 The Big Picture Project delivered that and then some!  We did see poverty in the Mateare Village, but we also saw people rich in family and community.  My children saw giant, genuine smiles despite the lack of the things we consider “needs.”  We saw not just ”some pictures” taken by our 4 photographers, but we witnessed true talent behind the camera.  
This experience has been satisfying and fulfilling in so many unexpected ways too… from seeing our 4 photographers enjoy their first meal in a restaurant to witnessing the excitement on the faces of Ana and Lisbet as they purchased school supplies in preparation of their first day, we have laughed and cried along with every Big Picture Project update.  Thanks for the wonderful experience!”
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