Project 1 Photographers Get Jobs!!

We never anticipated writing those words.  The goal of our first project was simply to teach photography concepts and get to see the perspective of 4 people who would never get the chance to share their voice.  Capture Share Change – our mantra describes the 3 steps we hope to achieve.  But we had no idea the level of change that would occur!

After seeing the work ethic, the desire to continue their new found skills, and the incredible imagery these 4 created, Project H.O.P.E. – our partner for Project 1 – made a decision to hire Marvin, Orlando, and Rossana as photographers!!!  (Ana is in school and isn’t available to photograph at this time, but when times are available she will still be included!)  This news was HUGE.  Up until lately I wasn’t able to talk about it without crying.  The “change” part of our mantra just got bigger.  In fact – it got HUGE.  Because employment = life for these people.  It means food on the table.  It means their entire community succeeds because they are working.  Their first jobs.  Real, professional, jobs.  Not just picking peanuts or making hammocks.  A job that uses their skills, and celebrates their perspective.

Project H.O.P.E is posting the images they create of their mission groups during the building process each day to share with the people back home.  Seeing familiar faces and loved ones is so important to those back home wanting to live that experience with them.  But for us – it’s extra satisfying.  Because we know how huge it is that the people capturing those images, are people who live in those homes like the ones they are building.  They are people who know what it is to have nothing.  And there they stand, using a camera – something they’d never done before February.  Their creativity grows, their talents flourish, and they succeed because someone finally believed in them.

You can keep up with their work!!  Please – cheer them on!  Let them know you are pulling for them and want to see them succeed!!  Let them know they are important!!  LIKE Project H.O.P.E.’s Facebook page and look for the images that are updated each week!!
We’ll be sharing images as well on our Instagram feed, Facebook, and Twitter, so follow along as these 4 continue to “Capture Share, and Change”!!!

Great overview of the community and mission team!10427324_10154306198835019_5818296577980138929_n

Marvin using the camera provided by the donations received at the Big Picture project exhibit in March!


Orlando is a natural story teller who uses his camera with great intelligence.  Nothing in his photos is by accident – he uses every inch to tell the story in an interesting way.


Marvin received the opportunity to photograph a wedding!!  He did a wonderful job shooting from the heart!


These images are signature Orlando!!  unique perspectives, symmetry, repeating lines, story telling, action.  He covers it all in his photos!10432260_10203740127684776_624771290_n

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