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St.Louis Magazine feature article

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of exciting times for The Big Picture Project!  We have several endeavors on the horizon that should get our purpose in front of a much larger audience.  We hope that all pans out and that you’ll be receiving exciting news VERY soon! Some other exciting news includes […]

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Why the Ciudad Sandino Dump

Why in the world would you choose to do a photography project at a trash dump?  Here’s the story by co-founder Karin Doolin On a humanitarian photography trip to Nicaragua in 2013, one of the places we were scheduled to visit was a trash dump.  There was no feeding station at the time, and it […]

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Where is Mateare Village?

Mateare Village is a small village off a windy dirt road about 40 minutes outside of Managua Nicaragua.  A bit off the beaten path, the village is surrounded by crop fields and mountains.  Flies and the smell of something burning fill the air, and every gust of that hot air brings dust into your eyes, […]

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A Line In The Sand

Everyone said it would be life changing.  Without ever being up close and personal with the “real” areas of a third world country, it’s hard to know how you’ll be changed.  As I reflect on the process it’s like there’s a line in the sand – the “person I was” before on one side, and […]

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