Big Picture Photographers Auction

The Big Picture Project is all about the fact that photography provides a window into the past, it creates a bond with one another – even strangers,  it shares our story, tells people about us, and gives us a voice.  What if you had no photographs of your life?  How would you show someone your story?  How would you remember all those details and fleeting moments that swiftly come and go throughout a lifetime?  Photos are beyond valuable, and no one understands this better than a photographer.  The photographer captures those intimate details, and those meaningful times in your life that tell your story – and when they do that well, the subjects of those photos have something priceless.  If you value photos – wether you are the person taking them, or the person in them – THIS auction is for you!!!
The Big Picture Project has teamed with some of our FAVORITE photographers to help us share the joy of photography and provide a way to give back to those who those who aren’t fortunate enough to have running water – let alone a camera.  These talented individuals have agreed to give their talents and their time to help raise money and awareness for the people of the Mateare Village where Project 1 took place!!  They’ve heard the call to help, and they answered.  BIG time.
With this auction, not only will you receive something priceless – the proceeds all go to help provide shelter, food, water, rehabilitation, and comforts to people who endure every day without.  Do not miss this opportunity to celebrate photography and all that it does, and help people in need!
Click on any of the photographers below to see what they are offering!  (they are offering some AMAZING items, so be sure to check them ALL out!!)  The auction begins May 12th and will go throughout the week.  Each photographer’s auction will be held on ebay.  Be sure to bid on your favorite before it’s “SOLD – to the highest bidder!”

IMG_0176  Paige (14 of 15)  10309896_10100691127367388_2145362763_o  IMG_7785  LN
10270046_10152016757170881_720884222_n  1461127_775437132206_2017741300_n  headshot  1468513_517797665207_32033523_n[1]  10170710_744351692263228_8663848013122541380_n
10306856_2440124284669_246885083_n  headshots 037  Heather Roth  IMG_8207 copy copy  IMG_5878
Liz Sloan headshot 2 sm  10318854_655473095308_170303006_n  R&G Photography  IMG_3293 copy  IMG_3670
10322899_10152465129027323_733716302_n  10327194_10152354270700768_1600626023_n  10306942_10203423586178039_1017550916_n  10339019_10152155252874998_1274646204_n  936028_323819267759044_205707319_n
IMG_9282-1  Alisia&Nikki  10322887_10152004302161432_187893116_n  10323105_10152365842290295_982070774_n 10322977_10101006026122757_1369975832_n
Susan Jackson  Abbs-1  10287106_10152360875282768_1788444447_n   1477626_325192304288407_1552622988_n  Headshot copy
image for auction  Kim_FB  16 copy  10320514_713956941980117_4422200490924027690_n  428583_810546620941_111548650_n (1)
june hallowell photography  Kyle.headshot  bio1  headshot w: ethan: 44