Announcing Project 3!!

We are so excited that today has finally arrived!!  This project has been months in the making, and we have been anxiously awaiting the day we could share our next project with you!
We met our project 3 partner via Instagram.  For non profits (and people in general) Instagram is such a supportive place.  Many non profits follow one another and give likes and encouragement along the way.  There are sometimes in life when you meet someone that every fiber of your being knows the universe placed you in their path for a reason.  This was one of those times.
A conversation opened up due to a simple hashtag.  We could have never known that our tagline regarding “Giving a Voice to the Voiceless” would eventually determine where we would be headed for Project 3, but using it as a hashtag that day would change our entire lives and the future of The Big Picture Project.  I’ve always believed that it’s not really the big decisions that shape the direction in life, but it’s the split second decisions that can completely alter your course.
We were so proud to announce our next project’s location as Amboseli, Kenya Africa and our working with the Maasai tribe in this area.  The Maasai are rich in customs and tribal dress, but are certainly lacking in one of our most basic rights in life – the right to an education.  We are proud that this projects funds raised will go to build a school in their community.  The fact that The Big Picture Project will actually fund a school that will change the lives of an entire community for years to come is a dream come true for this organization.  Thanks to the advice of an advisory panel, we have come up with a completely new approach to our project implementation, as well as how we share the process with sponsors.  This new approach is much more comprehensive, all inclusive, and will impact more lives.
We’ve added a $50 option in an attempt to get a broader range of people to be able to experience our program, and to give an opportunity to those who want to get involved, but can’t necessarily afford $100.  Our $100 and $250 options now allow sponsors to get to know more than one photographer, and take you on a journey of all different walks of life.  There are so many people here who need an opportunity to share their story – limiting ourselves to 4 as in the past stifles the stories of the rest of the community and doesn’t accurately give a “big picture”.  ;)  If you choose to come along again, you hearts will be opened in so many ways and your heart will hold love for this community as if they are part of your family.

Sponsors should also plan to see some remarkable scenery in the images from this project.  The village we will be working in is within the “elephant corridor” of Africa.  They wild game seen daily include elephants, zebra, giraffe, kudu, and impala, but they’ve also been known to see lions, leopards, wildebeests spotted hyena and buffalo.  Amboseli is also at the foot of Mt.Kilamanjaro, so the sub-sahara landscape plus this majestic mountain is as gorgeous as it gets!  This will also be a remarkable look into lives never before seen!  When tourists come to visit the Maasai, they are only allowed into a “mock home” in the area to show travelers a typical Maasai boma (home made of cow dung and sticks), however we will see a rare view into their actual homes, and as seen through their eyes.  Every moment of this journey will be groundbreaking.
The imagery from this project will be rare, majestic, and striking.  This particular area draws travelers from all over the world who want to experience a safari.  You will be receiving a view that these travelers pay tens of thousands of dollars to experience, and the funds from your experience will change lives for generations to come!  Now THAT’S a purchase with purpose!!!

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