Announcing Project 2 – It’s time


So it’s time. Time to go to a new location and change more lives. We have a new set of individuals whose struggles include lack of food, water, and shelter, but who equally need to be given an opportunity to express their individuality and creativity. Currently, their life is purely about means of survival. But without self realization and an outlet of expression, that is all their lives will ever be – simply surviving – not living.
Let’s give them an opportunity to tell their story, their struggles, to express their creativity in their own words. Capture stories of the world around them in a way an outsider could not. Give them an opportunity to share their voice in a world where they currently do not have one.
It’s time. Time to dig a little deeper. Time to go into a world that has it’s own set of deep dark struggles unique only to them. It’s time to experience something a bit more raw. A bit more in your face. It’s time to experience something that – when you witness it for the first time – you can’t deny it. You can’t turn your back on it. It’s time to witness the helplessness, darkness, dispair, and still see that small sliver of light that shines through that is known as hope.
It’s time to share with your families and children that life isn’t so pretty for everyone. That while you toil over wether to make salmon or chicken for dinner, someone sends their kids off to sift through garbage to find dinner. That’s right. For some, garbage = a meal. Consuming waste in a first world country is difficult enough to imagine, but imagine what is in the waste of a third world country. Imagine the pollution. The contamination. The foulness. And imagine calling that your home.
It’s time to go to this cruel, merciless place filled with hundreds that have been forgotten – a place know as “La Chureca” in Spanish. Translated meaning “The Dump”.
Outside of Managua Nicaragua stands a community of people who live and survive off the waste brought to their city dump. They live in the cardboard and plastic bags salvaged to make a home. They eat what they are able to recover from other people’s trash. Alongside cattle, horses, rodents, and excremement from all of the above – these people find food. Children sometimes as young as 3 years old, barefoot and starving head out daily to provide for their family. They learn quickly that life isn’t a matter of amusement, its point blank a matter of finding a way to survive.
What these people call home – we would call hell. And yet – upon meeting these individuals you will find smiles. You will find families and community. You will find a hug like you’ve never recieved and a thankfulness for nothing more than your presence. You find people who make you forget their hardships and see that their struggles – while massive – don’t define their character. This is where we will find 4 people who will help change their community. They will help change your perspective on life. By opening up their world, they will bravely tell a story that is long since been disregarded by civilization.
With your help, the outcome of this project will be a feeding station for this community to be able to receive a hot meal – every day. A meal for children who live deep in the darkness of a world without the basic human needs. A meal for a mother who goes without so she can give something more for her children. A meal for a father who endures 100 degree heat, polluted smoke from the trash that is burned, who fights his way through the waste to provide. A meal that will change their entire world. We cannot do this without you. They cannot have this opportunity to educate the non-sufferers of their unawareness of their fellow human struggles without you standing up to say “I care”.   It’s time. Time to stand up. Time to stop turning a blind eye on something simply because it’s hard to look at.
Exactly 6 months from the day – 2/13/15 – we will spend a week with 4 individuals who call “the dump” their home. Will you open your hearts to 4 strangers? Will you show them your love and conviction? Will you see the beauty beyond the dispair? Will you give them an opportunity to change their community? Because it’s time.
For those who opened their hearts to Project 1, you will get to see some old, familiar faces that you grew to love. The greatest part of a new found gift is the ability to share it with others, right? The best way to learn, sometimes is to teach. So in a process of coming full circle – you’ll get the opportunity to see your 4 friends Marvin, Orlando, Ana, and Rosanna teach what they learned to 4 new individuals in need! 2 of our days of the project will be in Mateare where the old students become the instructors. Does it get any better than that? You won’t want to miss this experience! The full experience of “Capture, Share, Change” coming to life!
We also have another instructor who will be joining our team this project, as well as a talented videographer who will be capturing the project to share with you. We will announce more about this on the days to come.
Many great things are happening, and we hope you’ll come along and be apart of it again. Because it is certain to be spectacular!

The next step? Check out this video. Share it. Spread the news of this new journey and encourage others to get involved. If you feel so inclined, sign up to sponsor a camera! We can’t wait to have you along for this experience!!

Special thanks to Justin Cardoza from Flourish Films for providing us with the video footage you see in this video. His genorosity to help not only our project, but also to help individuals in need across the globe is apparent in everything he does. Justin’s talents are as abundant as his passion to make a difference.
Special thanks also to Danya Artimisi for donating her time and talents to narrate. Her beautiful voice can be found on St.Louis radio station Y-98FM We could not have been more fortunate to have her voice to chronicle the story and can’t imagine this video without it!
All of the powerful images in the video were provided by Roger Doolin with TenSixteen Photography

We have so much exciting news that goes along with this trip, so stay tuned for updates and information each week!!!  We are so excited for another adventure to Capture – Share – Change!!!!