One major obstacle stands in the way of you connecting with an individual living in a completely different environment from you –accessibility.  Most people would not travel to visit areas of poor socio-economic conditions.  Your only perspective of the people living in third world countries are the destitute images the media portrays, while the opportunity to actually witness these conditions in person are unlikely.  Our goal is to eliminate that core obstacle standing between you.  To make you aware of the challenges a person in a third world country experiences, yet show you how these obstacles don’t define their potential for joyfulness ,to give you the opportunity to help someone you would likely never have the opportunity to meet, and to empower them to creative positive change for their community, giving them a voice, and raising awareness of the difficulties they face on a daily level.

We take simple to operate, point and shoot cameras to areas that missions and charity organizations are already serving, joining forces with them to further their objectives and goals.  We select individuals to participate in learning basic camera knowledge and photography concepts, enabling them to then take the cameras into their environment and document their daily lives.  We then retrieve the cameras and images captured and select the most storytelling to share via products and prints with you. Through sales and donations of generous individuals throughout the world we then give 100% of the proceeds to the organizations we’ve partnered with, empowering the individuals who participated in the project, and creating positive change for them as well as their community.

For a closer look at what we do, please enjoy the following video.